the dogs I was talking about in my last post !!


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BIG dogs !!

You can consider a dog is big when his weight goes over 65 lb.  Choosing a big dog is a big responsability,it involves more food, more exercise, more space needed but it meens you get more love !! The size of the dog you want to have depends on many things like:do you want a dog for a special reason (sheperd dog or a guarding dog ect..)?? Do you have room  for a big or small dog? Because the bigger your four paws friend is, the more room you will need. Also, if you have kids under 3 years old it might not be the wisest choice to adopt a dog that’s bigger than your kids (note that if its a calm dog that you are confident he won’t hurt your children by accident it might be okay but always remember to NEVER let your kids alone with the dog without any supervision.) Another thing that you might want to know is: having a big dog is a lot more expensive than having a chihuahua (im pretty sure you already knew it !!). Thats because it needs more food but also because the veterinary will cost a lot more due to the weight of your animal. To close this post I will propose you 5 exemple of breeds of bigger dogs: 1: The newfoundland (used before by the fisher and to help save people from drowning)  2: The Saint-Bernard (the faithful mountain rescuer, picture it with a barrell hanging from its neck !!) 3: The Akita (used in the old days to hunt bears) 4: The german shephard ( our good old police dog the one we will always trust !!) 5: The great dane( one of the tallest dog in the world, often called “the worlds largest lap dog “ because it will get on your lap no mater his size and weight)    


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So you want a dog !?!

Before you adopt your new four paws friend you have to check a couple of things.First:  Do you have enough space for a samll or a big dog ?? No you cannot have a german shepherd in an appartement!!(but you can have a samll dog in any house.)Second: How much time do you have to give to your new friend? They don’t a?ll ask the same amount of time(10 min per day is NOT enough for any dog !!).What kind of dog are you looking for ? Do you have kid’s? every thing will be said,explained and shown in this blog !! ;p

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dogs ….

Dog’s are the best friend you can have, they will always love you whatever you do…

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teSt TEst

this is a test sooo no judgment !!

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